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The poetry & prose say it all. My own personal renaissance.

A time of development.

An enlightenment of age.

I’m back at this kitchen window that overlooks the northeastern sky.
I only wish there was someone behind me, pressed as close as possible to my body as physics could allow. To feel the vibrations and electricity of their atoms colliding with mine, as the tender morning light drapes across our skin.

I only wish their fingers were on me, gently yet firmly, in this moment, playing my soul like an ancient instrument.
An instrument so lovely, it parts the clouds, and awakens the sun, the moon and the stars. Makes them all dance with the planets around them in the morning sky.
That is what I want, both in love and life.
To inspire someone so, that their world seems to dance about. To inspire many people and that they all shine equally, as the sun in the daylight.

Not without the usual amateurish mistakes, like bad vocals and sloppy production, but I hope you kinda sorta enjoy my cover of Cosmic Love.

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— from Pages Ain’t Nothing But a Number (or, Let’s All Stop Judging People By How Much They Read) by Jill Guccini (via bookriot)

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What’s in a name,what’s in fame?The silhouette of ego is upon your backand you’ve cracked open your shellthe devil smiles in hell,and rings his solemn sullen bell
the only thing ego fills is ourselves 


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What’s in a name,
what’s in fame?

The silhouette of ego is upon your back
and you’ve cracked open your shell

the devil smiles in hell,
and rings his solemn sullen bell

the only thing ego fills is ourselves 

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I’d say I hope you get a lover and they stab you in the back, but that wouldn’t really matter. Coz there’s something that you lack…

Look through those dirty windows you call eyes.
You’re becoming all that you despise.

I’d wish your lover stabs you in the back
I wish they’d move in for the attack
you’d sit there waiting for some kind of sign
So, you wouldn’t really mind.

Coz oh dear, my dear,
you hardly have a spine.


I need colors and light.

All by Leonid Afremov.

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